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The RIPCORD gospel

written by Peag Blog on 2023-05-13.

Andreas Antonopolous came up with the idea of RIPCORD blockchains. A cryptocurrency is only worth considering if its revolutionary, immutable, public, collaborative, open, resistant, and decentralized.

What Andreas may not have seen is that RIPCORD also describes key aspects of the Christian message, the gospel---or good news---of Jesus of Nazareth.


God becoming man is revolutionary. This changed history forever. Jesus' incarnation lifts humanity into the Godhead. His death heals human rebellion against God. His Spirit declared him to be Son of God with power by his resurrection.


Jesus is immutable. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Because he does not change, his people rest secure, as God's promises always hold true in him.


Jesus' gospel is public. The first of eyewitnesses to his resurrection were women---in an age where women were generally disregarded. Skeptics and questioners are welcome. Anyone can come see, verify, read the Bible for themselves.


Jesus brings people into his family, the collaborative global community called the church. He calls us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, as his Spirit works to make us more like him, that we might together carry his good news to the world.


The good news of Jesus is open. He welcomes all who call on him, regardless of race, sex, socioeconomic status, or anything else that separates people. Everyone who calls on his name will be saved.


Jesus' resurrection gives strength to resist evil. He taught his followers to pray, ''deliver us from evil.'' He equips his people to resist personal, societal, and spiritual evil. Christians served the sick in plague-infested Rome, adopted abandoned babies, freed slaves, defended women, and many died martyers' deaths witnessing to Christ.


The gospel of Jesus is decentralized. Jesus resurrection is the proof his work on the cross was sufficient, that he earned all authority. Yet surprisingly, he shares this authority: by his blood he purchased from every tribe and language and people and nation a kingdom of people who will reign eternally for him. He restores his decentralized people to the original task of filling the earth and reigning for God's glory!


Jesus' preeminence shines through bitcoin, the RIPCORD blockchain. Each of the RIPCORD adjectives describes an aspect of the gospel of Jesus.

Our present crisis is far deeper, far more profound than simply broken money. Fixing the money doesn't fix the human heart. The broken relationship between God and humanity touches every dimension of life: our relationship to God, to other people, to ourselves, and to the environment.

To fix the money, grab the bitcoin RIPCORD. But to really live, grab hold of Jesus, the RIPCORD whose death and resurrection changes everything.

Published at block 789535.